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The Madness of Sara Mansfield - 1st in The MthR Trilogy - for Kindle

The Madness of Sara Mansfield - 1st in The MthR Trilogy - for Kindle

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The Madness of Sara Mansfield is the first in the feminist sci-fi series, The MthR Trilogy, by Sophie McKeand. Published 1st May 2021 by Sophie McKeand.



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The Madness of Sara Mansfield is the first in the feminist sci-fi series, The MthR Trilogy, by Sophie McKeand. This story explores the intricacies of women’s relationships with technology, the land and each other. Set in the year 2050 after The Wars reconfigured much of Europe’s political landscape, a new operating system, MthR is developed by some of the best creative minds in the sovereign state of Mont Blanc. MthR quickly becomes ubiquitous as her ability to meld gaming, work and social media through hyper-connected augmented reality deeply impacts the lives of our protagonists, who are simultaneously battling to understand an emerging, visionary connection with the natural world.

"The Madness of Sara Mansfield is… a hard to categorise tour-de-force: it’s a novel, it’s poetry, it’s a thriller, it’s feminist sci-fi, it’s a song to the earth – set in a nightmarish future, a future of floods and famines, nuclear catastrophe, civil unrest…

… But … McKeand offers us hope in language, poetry and the natural world that carries on despite the violence hurled at it; weeds growing in cracks…

… This novel faces us with the fear of catastrophe we all live with; it isn’t an easy read. I was sometimes lost in the world of artificial intelligence, in the woven narratives. But let its visceral lyricism carry you, because there is beauty here, in the intensely visual prose, in the epic narrative. And it’s a plea, as well, to stop, to think, to reconnect with ourselves and with the earth… "
-  Catrin Kean, Planet Magazine

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