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Prophets of The Red Night - 2nd in The MthR Trilogy - audio/MP3

Prophets of The Red Night - 2nd in The MthR Trilogy - audio/MP3

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Book two in the feminist sci-fi series, The MthR Trilogy, by Sophie McKeand. Published 1st May 2022.


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Year 1. Moon 1. Day 1.

As the people of the MthR LnD quest to create meaningful lives in this rapidly shifting future Europe, MthR’s expansion throughout land-and-mind-scapes continues to both inspire and disturb. Sara Mansfield’s resetting of the MthR LnD’s calendar to mark the advent of Singularity is causing uproar across the provinces as well as in the non-partisan state of Mont Blanc where this move is being heralded as bold, necessary and inventive; as well as political, egotistical and deeply unethical.

Added to this, the anarchic ideologies of MthR’s staunch opposition, The Red Night, are being dangerously warped by a radical faction: the self-styled Daughters of The Great Mother, Prophets of The Red Night, whose increasingly populist movement echoes a darker European history.

Throughout these upheavals, The Great Mother continues calling to her children in poetry and dreams, and as CROW haunts multiple protagonists across MthR’s virtual spaces, quantum leaps in understanding shatter across a multi-dimensional present many are struggling to grapple with, except one gifted young woman created in a lab, who has no future except that which she determinedly carves out for herself…

Recording the audiobooks continues to be a labour of love, after endless months funnelling the mind into a keyboard, this way of translating the novel from the page into an audible format carries me out into the world as I weave words across landscapes. This is a reciprocal process because as I hunt out places in which to record, the land asks that I in turn listen with increasing depth and subtlety, developing within heart and mind an acute awareness of the ways in which hot sun will call the winds to stir on a cold day; or the joy felt at capturing the mellifluous birdsongs that sometimes feel as if they are deliberately riffing with the readings; or I experience acutely the cold of a spring day gnawing at bones, a reminder to move this body of mine, preferably into the sun.

All of these occasions bring great joy, and it is this joy that offers a balance when engaging with some of the darker narratives within this novel. Both chaffinches and The Wind have become motifs for this edition, rifling (sometimes relentlessly in the case of the wind) throughout my mind and these recordings. When editing, I’ve tried to strike a balance between maintaining as organic a sound (and experience) as possible, whilst also making sure the wind doesn’t overpower the mic. Occasionally I’ve been able to allow birdsong and wind to take centre stage, or at least to riff with them as I read because this Earth is a shared space, and I am deeply grateful for all stories from our non-human community.

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